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Воздухопловна Бригада на Република Северна Македонија


Only four out of ten received Mi-24Vs are operational at this moment. Both Mi-24Ks are withdrawn from use.

6 September 2019, Bram Marijnissen

The Pilot Training Centre has four Bell 206 in its inventory.

Skopje, 6 September 2019, Rene Sleegers

Skopje (LWSK)

RWY 16/34 (+ 16/34 Grass)     POS 41°57'42"N 021°37'17"E     ELEV 781ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Vozduhoploven Ving

Borbeni Helikoperski Skvadron
Combat Helicopter Squadron
Mi-24K (wfu)

Helikoperski Skvadron
Helicopter Squadron

Skvadron za Obuku i Trening
Training Squadron
Bell 206B-3
Zlin 143L
Zlin 242L

Next to the Bell helicopters the PTC also has five Zlin 242Ls in its inventory.

Skopje, 6 September 2019, Rene Sleegers

Unfortunately this beautifull An-2 is stored for many years. There should be plans to make it operational again.

Skopje, 6 September 2019, Rene Sleegers

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