Armée de l 'Air du Niger

Brief history
Niger is a republic in sub-saharan Africa. It is not a very rich country despite some natural resources. Lately it has been faced with turmoil caused by Boko Haram terrorists. Therefore the French, former colonist, supplies knowledge and also some hardware. This arrived in the shape of three Gazelle helicopters. The Americans supplied two Ce208. Also, this meant that the country operates jet fighters for the first time with two Su-25 being sourced from Ukraine. Together with the new Mi-35P this makes the small air force more potent than it ever was.

Not much is known about the order ot battle. All squadrons are based at Base Aérienne No.101 Niamey but can be deployed to other places as well, when the safety and security situation requires. At that base, France invested in a UAV stronghold as well to combat the terrorists in the region.

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