Brief history
Montenegro (Црна Гора - Crna Gora) is one of the former parts of Yugoslavia. It has always held strong ties with Serbia with which it formed a two-state confederation in 2003. Part of the deal was the possibility of seeking independence after three years, by popular vote. In the 2006 referendum, the Montenegran people chose independence which was ratified by parliament on 3 June 2006 and the state of Montengro was born.

Montenegro Armed Forces (Vojska Crne Gora)

Obviously, the Montenegran armed force used former-Yugoslavian hardware from the get-go during its confederate days. Notably Gazelle and Mi-8 helicopters, Utva 75 trainers and G4 Super Galeb jets. Most of these, apart from some Gazelles have been stored since 2012. New helicopters arried in 2018 when some Bell 412EP/EPi were acquired.

Another force operating some aircraft is the Ministery of the Interior. Firstly there is the Police (Policija). Their fleet consists of AB206B-3, Bell 212, and AB412EP helicopters. Further aircraft are used to combat fires, like AT-802s, and some VIP aircraft are in use as well.

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