Kota Kinabalu/Naval Base (--)

RWY HEL     POS 06°04'51"N 116°06'14"E     ELEV 154 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
503 Skuadron AW139
601 UAS Skuadron Scan Eagle

The Super Lynxes are based at Lumut

(Langkawi, March 2013, Ton van Schaik)

The Malaysian navy operates six Fennecs, all operated by 502 Skuadron at Lumut.

Photo: Ruzaidi

Lumut (WMLH)

RWY 03/21     POS 04°13'21"N 100°41'58"E     ELEV 25ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
501 Skuadron Super Lynx Mk300 Lynx
502 Skuadron AS555SN Fennec

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