The LAF received six A-29B Super Tucanos in May 2018. These Super Tucanos are being used as armed trainer and for COIN missions.

Stefan Goossens (4Aviation)

The Lebanese Air Force acquired six armed MD530F Cayuse helicopters. They are operating in SQ 17 from Hamat (Wujah al Hajar AB).

Lebanese Air Force

Beirut/Intl (OLBA) Rafic Hariri, Beirut Air Base

RWY 03/21, 17/35, 18/36     POS 33°48'48"N 035°29'19"E     ELEV 87ft

Wing Squadron Name Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Aviation School

1 Squadron
Bulldog 126
Beirut AB

4 Squadron
Laser guided justice Ce208B (AC-208)

12 Squadron
Busting ours ... saving yours UH-1H-II

16 Squadron

VIP Flight
The Bulldogs of 1sq are stationed at Beirut for training of the AC-208 pilots. They are subordinate to the Air Force School at Rayak, however.

Ten former UAE Air Force armed IAR330SM Puma’s are flying in SQ 9 from Hamat (Wujah al Hajar AB).

Stefan Goossens (4Aviation)

The Armed Caravan 208 (a version of the Cessna 208B Caravan that is heavily modified by ATK Orbital) is operated by SQ 4.

Stefan Goossens

Hamat/Wujah Al Hajar AB (--)

RWY 02/20     POS 34°16'58"N 035°40'51"E     ELEV 650 ft

Wing Squadron Name Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Hamat AB Flying Wing

Cedar Knights
7 Squadron
Kill with Finesse A-29B

9 Squadron
Puma IAR330SM

17 Squadron
MD Wolf Pack (Attack, Destroy) MD530F

For observation and reconnaissance missions, the LAF operates the SA-342L Gazelle helicopters in SQ 8 from Rayak AB.

Stefan Goossens (4Aviation)

In 2014, the U.S. Congress approved the sale of eighteen UH-1H-II Super Huey helicopters to Lebanon. They are all operated by SQ 12.

Stefan Goossens (4Aviation)

Kleyate/Rene Mouawad (OLKA)

RWY 06/24     POS 34°35'22"N 036°00'41"E     ELEV 75ft

Wing Squadron Name Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Kleyat AB

14 Squadron
The Guardians UH-1H

The Akhdar Dayem association was founded to support the efforts against forest fires. The air force operates the three Sikorsky S-61N helicopters with bambie buckets from Beirut Air Base at Rafic Hariri International Airport. AD-1603 (AD = Akhdar Dayem ) is one of the three.

Stefan Goossens (4Aviation)

Rayak (OLRA)

RWY 04/22     POS 33°51'03"N 035°59'16"E     ELEV 3018ft

Wing Squadron Name Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Aviation School

8 Squadron
Don't dare / Silver Sqn SA342L

15 Squadron
We are the future R44 Raven II

The LAF still has the Bulldog 126 basic trainers in its inventory.

Stefan Goossens (4Aviation)

For initial helicopter pilot training the LAF operates six R-44-II Raven helicopters in SQ 15 from Rayak AB.

Lebanese Air Force

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