The latest acquisition of the IAF, the F-35I Adir. The Adir Division consisting of 116, 117 and 140 Squadrons was established in 2019 at Nevatim AB. Seen here is F-35I Adir from 117 'First Jet' Squadron, erected for training purposes. 117 Squadron has 2 F-35I on loan from 116 and 140 Squadron. In the near future 117 Tayeset will be fully equiped with F-35I.

IDF Spokesperson (A. Agronov)

The F-35I Adir has proved its capability during a bombing raid on Iranian Quds Force convoy in Syria in February 2020.

IDF Spokesperson

Haifa (LLHA)
Bacha 21

RWY 16/34     POS 32°48'30"N 035°02'34"E     ELEV 28ft

Bacha 21
Division Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
IAF Technical School
- Haifa houses the Technical School and uses many different airplanes, retired or active.

For longrange missions the IAF can rely on 69 'The Hammers' Sqn flying F-15I Ra'am aircraft from Hatzerim AB. Seen here is Ra'am 269 landing at Nellis AFB during 'Red Flag'.

Stephan de Bruijn

For advanced training duties the IAF is flying the M346i Lavi within 102 'The Flying Tiger' Sqn at Hatzerim. 102 Sqn is part of the IAF Academy.

Dino van Doorn

Hatzerim (LLHB)
Bacha 6

RWY 10L/28R, 10R/28L     POS 31°14'00"N 034°39'45"E     ELEV 725

Bacha 6
Division Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
Ra'am Division
69 Squadron
Tayeset (69 טייסת)
F-15I Ra'am The Hammers Squadron
Tayeset Ha'Patishim
Sufa Division
107 Squadron
Tayeset (107 טייסת)
F-16I Sufa Knights of the Orange Tail Squadron
Tayeset Abiri Ha'Zanav Ha'Katom
IAF Flight Academy
102 Squadron
Tayeset (102 טייסת)
M346i Lavi The Flying Tigers Squadron
Tayeset Ha'Namer Ha'Meofeef

FTS (Flight Training School)
Vihiys Latisah
Grob G120A-1 Snunit
T-6A Efroni
OH-58B Saifan (Will be replaced by AW119Kx Koala)
Flight Training School
Vyhiys Latisah

Aerobatic Team T-6A Efroni Aerobatic Team
Ha Tzannat Ha'Verobti
Hatzerim houses the Air Force Museum and a storage area, full of F-4s, Kfirs, Skyhawks and H500s.

The premier fighting unit of the IAF, the 101 'The First Fighter' Sqn, is operating the F-16C/D Barak from Hatzor AB. In 2021 this unit will move together with 105 Sqn to Ramat David AB.

Jonathan Verschuuren

Many variants of the Beech 200 are operating in 100 'The Flying Camel' Sqn at Hatzor. The Beech 200 variants are called Zufit 1-5 while the RC-12 variant are called Kookiyah. Four Zufit-1 and five Zufit-2 aircraft are used for transport, five Zufit-3 are used for IMINT duties while three Zufit-4 are used for maritime patrol. The latter is shown here. The last five Zufit-5 are again used for transport, including two for VIP transport in a white colourscheme, but also for multi-engine training. Five RC-12D and two RC-12K aircraft are used for EW, ELINT, SIGINT and Combat Support duties.


Hatzor (LLHS)
Kanaf 4

RWY 05/23, 11L/29R, 11R/29L.     POS 31°45'45"N 034°43'37"E     ELEV 148ft

Kanaf 4
Division Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
Jet Fighter Division
105 Squadron
Tayeset (105 טייסת)
F-16D-40-CF Barak

(Will move to Ramat David AB in 2021)
The Scorpion Squadron
Tayeset Ha'Akrav
Transport Division
100 Squadron
Tayeset (100 טייסת)
Beech B200 Zufit 1
Beech B200T Zufit 2
Beech B200T Zufit 4
Beech B200T Zufit 5
Beech B200CT Zufit 3
Raytheon A36 Chofit
The Flying Camel Squadron
Tayeset Ha'Kamal Ha'Meofeef
249 Squadron
Tayeset (249 טייסת)
(Jan 2017, 249 Sqn disbanded and aircraft transfered to Israeli Police Unit)
The Firebird Squadron
Tayeset Tzipor Ha'Esh
In January 2019 the 135sq amalgated into 100sq in anticipation for the move to Hatzor.

The C-130J Shimshon is operating in the IAF within 103 'The Elephant' Sqn at Nevatim AB. Together with 131 'The Knights of the Yellow Bird' Sqn (C-130H Karnaf) these units are the backbone of the Tactical Transport Division.

Jim Walg

The IAF operates the Nachson aircraft in two types in 122 'The Nachson' Sqn at Nevatim AB. Three Nachson Shavit are being used for SIGINT missions. Seen here is one of the four Nachson Eitans being used as AEW.

Jonathan Verschuuren

Nevatim (LLNV)
Bacha 28

RWY 07/25, 08L/26R, 08R/26L.     POS 31°12'30"N 035°00'44"E     ELEV 1330ft

Bacha 28
Division Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
Adir Division
116 Squadron
Tayeset (116 טייסת)
F-35I Adir The Southern Lions Squadron
Tayeset Aryeh Ha'Darom

117 Squadron
Tayeset (117 טייסת)
F-35I Adir (from 140 and 116 Sq)
The Mighty Squadron
Tayeset Ha'Adir

140 Squadron
Tayeset (140 טייסת)
F-35I Adir The Golden Eagle Squadron
Tayeset Ha'Nesher Ha'Zahav
Tactical Transport Division
103 Squadron
Tayeset (103 טייסת)
C-130J-30 Shimshon The Elephants Squadron
Tayeset Ha'Filim

120 Squadron
Tayeset (120 טייסת)
B707 Phalcon
KC707 Re'em
IAI1124N Shachaf / Israeli Navy (wfu, jan2017)

(Eight KC-46 'Pegasus' tankers will be delivered in 2023)
The Desert Giants Squadron
Tayeset Anaki Ha'Midbar

122 Squadron
Tayeset (122 טייסת)
G550 Nachshon Eitam (SIGINT)
G-V Nachshon Shavit (AEW)
G550 Nachshon Oron (SIGINT)
The Nachshon Squadron
Tayeset Ha'Nachson

131 Squadron
Tayeset (131 טייסת)
C-130HI Karnaf
KC-130HI Karnaf

All 'Rhinos' are upgraded to C-130HI, including an improvement of electronic equipment.
The Knights of the Yellow Bird Squadron
Tayeset Abiri Ha'Tzipor Ha'Tzhahov

The aggressor unit of the IAF operates the F-16C Barak in 115 'The Flying Dragon' Sqn at Ovda AB. Here many international exercises are being held to train pilots of foreign airforces.

Dino van Doorn

Ovda (LLOV)
Bacha 10

RWY 02L/20R, 02R/20L, 11/29     POS 29°56'25"N 034°56'09"E     ELEV 1492ft

Bacha 10
Division Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
Jet Fighter Division
115 Squadron
Tayeset (115 טייסת)
F-16C Barak The Flying Dragon Squadron
Tayeset Ha'Drakon Ha'Meofeef
Ovda has also a storage area with A-4E, A-4H, A-4N, F-4E, Kfir C7, F-15A, CH-53, H500MD/TOW, AH-1 and Tzukit.

Since August 1994 the IAF operates two squadrons (123 and 124 Sqn) flying UH-60A/L and S-70 Yanshuf from Palmachim AB. Both units were involved in military missions of the Israeli Defence Force.


Future helicopter pilots has got their training on the Bell206B Saifan of the IAF Academy at Hatzerim AB.

Oren Rozen

Palmachim (--)
Bacha 30

RWY 03L/21R, 03R/21, 13/31     POS 31°53'52"N 034°41'27"E     ELEV 98ft

Bacha 30
Division Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
Helicopter Division
123 Squadron
Tayeset (123 טייסת)
S-70A-50 Yanshuf 3
S-70A-55 Yanshuf 3
UH-60A Yanshuf 3
The Desert Birds Squadron
Tayeset Tziporey Ha'Midbar

124 Squadron
Tayeset (124 טייסת)
S-70A-50 Yanshuf 3
S-70A-55 Yanshuf 3
The Rolling Sword Squadron
Tayeset Ha'Kheref Ha'Mithafeketh
RPV Division
161 Squadron
Tayeset (161 טייסת)
Hermes 450 Zik
(In Jan 21, also the Zik from 166 Sqn were merged into 161 Sqn)

The Black Snake Squadron
Tayeset Ha'Nakhash Ha'Shakhor

166 Squadron
Tayeset (166 טייסת)
Hermes 900 Kochav
The Firebird Squadron
Tayeset Ha'Tzipor Ha'Esh

200 Squadron
Tayeset (200 טייסת)
Heron Shoval
The First UAV Squadron
Tayeset Ha'Matzaliytim Ha'Rishona
Heil Ayam
חיל הים

Israeli Navy
Gasi Unit
Heron Shoval (on loan from 200 Sq) The First to Sea
124sq has regular detachments at Betzet and Haifa (LLHA).
All UAV's will be concentrated at Hatzor AB in 2021

The Jet Fighter Division operates from Ramat David AB. Three squadrons (101, 105 and 109 Sqn) will be based here. Seen here is F-16D 676 from 105 'The Scorpion' Sqn, yet based at Hatzor AB, but will be moved to Ramat David AB in 2021.

Jonathan Verschuuren

The Israeli AF operates five AS565MA Atalef helicopters in 193 Sqn on behalf of the Israeli Navy from Ramat David AB. In 2021 the helicopters will be transfered to Palmachim AB.

Hans Rolink

Ramat David (LLRD)
Kanaf 1

RWY 09/27, 11/29, 15/33     POS 32°39'38"N 035°10'05"E     ELEV 185ft

Kanaf 1
Division Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
Jet Fighter Division
101 Squadron
Tayeset (101 טייסת)
F-16C-40-CF Barak

The First Fighter Squadron
Tayeset Ha'Krav Ha Rishona

109 Squadron
Tayeset (109 טייסת)
F-16D-30-CF Barak
F-16D-40-CF Barak
The Valley Squadron
Tayeset Ha'Amek
Helicopter Division
193 Squadron
Tayeset (193 טייסת)
AS565MA Atalef
(Will move to Palmachim AB in 2021)
Defenders of the West Squadron
Tayeset Magini Ha Ma'arav
105 Squadron flying F-16C/D Barak will move to Ramat David in 2021.

193 Squadron will move to Palmachim in the near future.

The Israeli AF operates two types of Apache attack helicopters in two squadrons. The 113 Hornet Squadron operates the AH-64D Longbow 'Saraf' and the 190 'Magic Touch' operates the AH-64A Peten from Ramon AB. Both units have been actively used in operations in Gaza and Lebanon. Seen here is AH-64D 736 from 113 Sqn.

Hans Rolink

The IAF operates a Sufa Division consisting of four squadrons (107, 119, 201, 253) flying with F-16I Sufa. The F-16I is based on the F-16D but heavily modified with Israeli-designed systems. The IAF Sufas are based at Ramon AB and Hatzerim AB. Seen here is F-16I Sufa of 253 'The Negev' Squadron, landing at Ramon AB.


Ramon (LLRM)
Kanaf 25

RWY 07L/25R, 07R/25L     POS 30°46'34"N 034°40'00"E     ELEV 2126ft

Kanaf 25
Division Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
Sufa Division
119 Squadron
Tayeset (119 טייסת)
F-16I Sufa The Bat Squadron
Tayeset Ha'Atalef

201 Squadron
Tayeset (201 טייסת)
F-16I Sufa The One Squadron
Tayeset Ha'Ahat

253 Squadron
Tayeset (253 טייסת)
F-16I Sufa The Negev Squadron
Tayeset Ha'Negev
Helicopter Division
113 Squadron
Tayeset (113 טייסת)
AH-64D Saraf The Hornet Squadron
Tayeset Ha'Tsira

190 Squadron
Tayeset (190 טייסת)
AH-64A Peten The Magic Touch Squadron
Tayeset Magah Ha'Kasem
Tel Aviv/Ben Gurion (LLBG)

RWY 03/21, 08/26, 12/30     POS 32°00'34"N 034°53'08"E     ELEV 134 ft

Bacha 27
Division Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
Israeli Aircraft Industry
- IAI has its production line at Ben Gurion IAP, including updates to foreign Kfirs. Besides this, there is a IAI storage line including Kfirs, Skyhawks and MiG-21s. Also, there are still some B707s and C-130s stored.

The Baz division operates the F-15C/D Baz in two squadrons (106 and 133 Sqn) at Tel Nof AB. Seen here is F-15C Baz 654 from 133 'Knights of the Twin Tail' Sqn participating in Blue Flag at Ovda AB

Dino van Doorn

From 2019, the F-35I Adir 824 is operational within MANAT, the IAF Test and Evaluation unit at Tel Nof AB. The F-35I is equipped with specific Israeli electronics which makes the F-35I a very mystic and unique.

Amit Agronov

Tel Nof (LLEK)
Bacha 8

RWY 15L/33R, 15R/33L, 18/36     POS 31°50'22"N 034°49'18"E     ELEV 193

Bacha 8
Division Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
Baz Division
106 Squadron
Tayeset (106 טייסת)
F-15B Baz
F-15C Baz
F-15D Baz
The Point of the Spear Squadron
Tayeset Khod Ha'Khaboth

133 Squadron
Tayeset (133 טייסת)
F-15A Baz
F-15B Baz
F-15D Baz
Knights of the Twin Tail Squadron
Tayeset Abiri Ha'Zanav Ha'Kafol
Yassur Division
114 Squadron
Tayeset (114 טייסת)
CH-53 2000 Yas'ur
CH-53 2025 Yas'ur

(Will be replaced by the CH-53K King Stallion in 2023/2024)
The Night Leaders Squadron
Tayeset Mofiyli Ha'Laylah

118 Squadron
Tayeset (118 טייסת)
CH-53 2000 Yas'ur
CH-53 2025 Yas'ur

(Will be replaced by the CH-53K King Stallion in 2023/2024)
The Nocturnal Birds of Prey Squadron
Tayeset Dorsey Ha'Laylah
RPV Division
210 Squadron
Tayeset (210 טייסת)
Heron TP Eitan The White Eagle Squadron
Tayeset Ha'Nesher Ha'Layhan

Red Baron Squadron
Tayeset (טייסת הברון האדום)
Heron TP Eitan (leased by German Air Force) The Red Baron Squadron
Tayeset Ha Baron Ha'Ahdom
Unit 669
יחידת החילוץ והפינוי הקרבי בהיטס 669
CH-53 2000 Yas'ur Airborne Rescue and Evacuation Unit
Yechidat Hilu'z Vehapinu'i Behethes 669

Flight Test Center
MANAT (מרכז ניסויי טיסה)
F-16C-30-CF Barak
F-16D-40-CF Barak
F-16I Sufa
F-15I Ra'am
F-35I Adir
Flight Test Center
Merkaz Nisu'ey Tisa
Unit 669 is also known as the Air Force Aeromedical Rescue and Evacuation Unit.
MANAT stands for Flight Test Center (FTC), formerly known as 601sq.

For assault missions the IAF operates two squadrons (114 and 118 Sqn) flying the CH-53 Yassur 2000 from Tel Nof AB. The IAF is looking for replacement of the choppers. On the wishlist is the V-22 Osprey.


The final years for the KC707 Re'em tankers of the 120 'Desert Giants' Sqn from Nevatim AB has been arrived. Eight KC-46 Pegasus tankers are on order and delivery will start in 2023.

Jonathan Verschuuren

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