Islamic Republic of Iran Navy Aviation (IRINA)

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Nirvi-ye Havâdarya Artesh-e Jimhuri-ye Eslâmi-ye Iran

Bandar Abbas/Havadarya
Bushehr AAF

This Fokker F27-400M made its maiden flight in March 1975 but is still proving to be a great transport platform for the Islamic Republic of Iranian Navy Aviation (IRINA).

Sary (Iranian Spotters, Mehrabad, 2010)

The Havadria operates 21 AB212ASW helicopters for anti-submarine warfare role from Busher and Bandar Abbas airbases.

Babak Taghvee (Iranian Spotters, Busher, 2009

Bandar Abbas/Havadarya (OIKP)

RWY 08/26     POS 27°09'30"N 056°10'21"E     ELEV 19 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Transport & Navy Patrol Squadron F27-400M (1)
F27-600 (1)
ASW sq SH-3D (12)
Helicopter Transport & SAR sq RH-53D (1)
AS-61A-4 (1)
AB212ASW (~6)

The primary role of the RH-53D is Airborne Mine Countermeasures (AMCM) and is based at Bushehr and Bandar Abbas airbases.

Alireza (Iranian Spotters, Mehrabad, 2010)

Operated by the Iranian Air Force but still serving the Iranian Navy, the P-3F Orion for longrange anti submarine warfare missions. The P-3Fs are based at Shiraz airbase.

Mehrad Watson (Iranian Spotters, Bandar Abbas, 2022)

Bushehr AAF (--)

RWY 14/32     POS 28°54'36"N 050°51'26"E     ELEV 105 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Helicopter Transport & SAR sq RH-53D (2)
AB212ASW (~6)

The Iranian Navy also operates a large amount of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) like this Shahed 129 Simorgh drone from Chahbahar airbase.


The Iranian Navy operates at large scale several UAV drones. Seen here is the Mohajer 6 UAV.

Media khabarOnline Ir

Chahbahar/Konarak (OIZC) 10th Tactical Air Base; Kangan

RWY 09L/27R, 09R/27L     POS 25°26'36"N 060°22'56"E     ELEV 24 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
UAV Squadron Shahed 129 Simorgh UAV
Mohajer 6

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