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The fighter force of the Armee de l'Air Gabonaise is being formed with eight former SAAF Mirage F1 AZ fighters in unit EC 1-02 at Franceville/Mvengue. It is doubtful whther all Mirages are still operational.

T Laurent (Libreville, Jan 2005)

Two EC135s were delivered for the Medevac and for the VIP role


Franceville/M'Vengue (FOON)

RWY 15/33     POS 01°39'07"S 013°26'05"E     ELEV 1450 ft

Base Aérienne Escadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Base Aérienne 02

Escadron de Chasse 1-02 Mirage F1AZ

The Air Force of Gabon operated one C-130H and several L100-30's for heavy transport mission from Libreville airport. This C-130H seems to be stored since sept 2022.

Gilles Brion

The heavy transport component of the Gabonese Air Force is strengthened with one CN235M.

Stephan Ehrig

Libreville/Leon M'Ba (FOOL) Base Aérienne 01

RWY 16/34     POS 00°27'30"N 009°24'44"E     ELEV 39 ft

Base Aérienne Escadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Base Aérienne 01

Escadron de Transport Lourd C-130H (std)

Escadron de Transport Léger CN235M-100

The Rebublican Guard of the Gabonese Army operates two SA342 Gazelle helicopters from Libreville airport.


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