Albania Armed Forces
The current armed forces of Albania are basically a helicopter force. That is a far cry from the previously used hordes of MiG-15, FT-5, MiG-19/F-6, F-7, Z-5, Y-5 and CJ-6 aircraft. These were supplied by Russia in the forties and fifties, and from the late fifties predominantly by China in large quantities. The latter country stopped supporting Albania and the numbers dwindled in the nineties to only a handful operable aircraft.

Many aircraft were stored in the open or kept in caverns and were put up for auction this century after the country gradually found a form of democracy after the roaring and instable 1990s. Nowadays, there are a variety of helicopters mostly flown from Tirane/Farke. The Ministry of the Interior uses and the Ministry of Health use their own helicopters bearing civil registrations.

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