Toledo Express

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Last Validated 11-2013
City Toledo
Position 41°35'12"N 083°48'28"W
Runway(s) 07/25, 16/34
Elevation 684 ft


Toledo Express Airport is a joint civil-military airport 16 km to the west of Toledo in Ohio. The airport opened in 1955 as a replacement to then Toledo Municipal Airport located southeast of Toledo. It is used by passenger and cargo airlines, general aviation, and is home to the Ohio Air National Guard's 180th Fighter Wing. The airport is a secondary airport for Detroit and surround region, including as a primary diversion point for aircraft arriving Detroit Metro Airport. (source: Wikipedia)


The airport has two runways, one south-north orientated and the other west-east. The terminal and general aviation ramps are located in the nortwest corner, a small general aviation ramp is located in the northeast corner, the ANG is located in the southeast corner, while the cargo ramp is in the southwest corner.

Getting There

TOL is near the crossing of State Route 2 and Interstate 80/90. Exit the Interstate at Ohio Turnpike Exit 52, pay your toll and follow the signs towards the airport.

Around the Airport

1Landing on runway17

The first spot at TOL gives a good view onto the ANG ramp, while also having a view onto the runway and taxi operations. To arrive here, after passing the toll booths, take a left onto Airport Highway. After passing the terminal and runway 17, take a right, before the Days Inn. After the turn, there are some public parking spots. Park your car here and enjoy the view onto the ANG ramp. Also departures from runway 35, landings on runway 17 and taxi traffic from the terminal to runway 25 can be seen. There is a 2m high fence here. This road is used by military traffic so you could be sent away.

2Landing on runway 25

With landing traffic on runway 25 you have to move to spot 2. Continue on the Airport Highway, pass the Highway Patrol and a gun shop, and at the crossing with Eber Road, take a right onto S Eber Road. After passing the highway overhead, park your car to the left at the wasteland. Walk into the greens and find your spot. Aircraft can be quite high here. You could also park to the right, across the Airport Industrial Park. Park at the abandoned grey building. Positioning yourself away from the gate and the 2m high fence. Aircraft can still a bit high though.

3Preserved aircraft at the gate

Continue on S Eber Road, take the next right towards the ANG gate. There is a small road to the right. Park your car here to have a good view onto the preserved aircraft, best in the mornings.

4Landing on runway 35

Continue on S Eber Road, take a right at the next crossing onto Highway 20/Maumee Western Road and park your car at the extended of runway 35.

5Landing on runway 07

Continue on Highway 20 until you make a turn to the north to arrive at the extended of runway 07. At the triangle with Route 108, park your car and position yourself.

6View onto GA Ramp

To arrive here, after passing the toll booths, continue straight towards the airport, but take a right onto West Airport Service Road. You will pass all the hangars and the ramp so have a view. Also you will be able to see the cargo ramp across the runway.

7Landing on runway 17 PM

To arrive here, after passing the toll booths, continue straight towards the airport. Follow the road along the terminal and parkings and park at the grass area just before you see the Airport Highway again. Here you have a good view onto the landing traffic of 17.

Spot 2: standing at the east side of the road, near the bushes, the local Vipers do come in quite high. Photo: Piet Luijken


121.750/348.600CLNC DEL


51-9525F-84F-40-GK, preserved at spot 3.
55-2855F-100D, preserved at spot 3.
72-0211/OHA-7D, preserved at spot 3.

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