North Las Vegas

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Last Validated 01-2023
City Las Vegas
Position 36°12'38"N 115°11'40"W
Runway(s) 07/25, 12L/30R, 12R/30L
Elevation 2205 ft


North Las Vegas Airport was created by aviation enthusiasts Verald "Bud" Barrett and J.M. and Florence Murphy, who opened the airfield as Sky Haven Airport on December 7, 1941. The opening celebration was interrupted by news of the air raid at Pearl Harbor, and a scheduled flying demonstration was cancelled. The small airport became successful during World War II when it was used by general aviation flyers and pilots from the Las Vegas Army Air Base for off-duty flying. In the early 1960s, the runways were paved, a new administration building and restaurant were built, and the 40-unit Sky Rider Motel, complete with an airplane-shaped swimming pool, opened for business. Clark County purchased it in 1987 and made a considerable investment to upgrade the airport, including a new 15,600-square-foot terminal building completed in 1992. North Las Vegas Airport is home to nearly 700 based aircraft and 25 commercial businesses. General aviation activity, flight instruction and a sightseeing airline makes North Las Vegas one of the busiest airports in the country. Many helicopter operators, including Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the US Army, also use the airport. Furthermore Blue Air Training Corp has its base here.


The airport is quite large for a GA airport, with two parallel runways running NW-SE and one W-E runway. To the east is the ATC Tower and a large apron primary used for aircraft storage. To the north are hangars which include the Cheyenne Air Center hangar which is also used by the US Army helicopters. To the west are the FBOs and the GA hangars as well as the hangar of the Blue Air Training Corp and the Civil Air Patrol.

Getting There

From Henderson airport or Las Vegas, drive towards the Interstate 15 northbound. Take exit 42A towards the highway 95 direction Reno. On the US-95 keep right onto US-95 Business/Rancho Drive. Now take the right exit towards N Decatur Road to arrive at spot 1.

Around the Airport

1Airport Viewing Area

Arriving at the official Airport Viewing Area, you can have a look around to see anything interesting. Furthermore, this is a good afternoon spot for rwy 12 landings. For close up photography it is better to move on.

2Blue Air Training Corp.

From spot 1, turn back onto US-95 southbound. Take the next right onto Perimeter Road. Park here next to the gate at the parking spots and move your pickup truck or steps around to your favourite position for shots of the aircraft on the apron, like the PC-9As and IAR-823s.
From this spot you can also walk/drive back on US-95 to the next right exit, towards the Civil Air Patrol hangars.


Continue on Perimeter Road and take the next left into Airport Drive towards the terminal. There are two parking areas here with good views onto the aprons. There is also the Sunshine & Tailwinds Cafe for food and drinks.

4End of Perimeter Road

Drive back from spot 3 on Airport Drive and take the next left to continue on Perimeter Road, all the way to the end. Here you have a view on the southern aprons and the taxiways. You do need some steps to overlook the fence.

5Landing on rwys 30

Drive back from spot 4 onto Airport Drive. Take a left at the crossing onto US-95 and take a left at the crossing with W Carey Avenue. Continue this road until you pass the runways and position yourself here. This road has a no parking policy. In the morning, park your car across the road on the wasteland next to the airport fence. In the afternoon, it is better to park at the Walmart parking and walk up when something interesting approaches.

6Storage Area

Continue on W Casey Avenue, and take the next left onto Simmons Street. Take the next left onto Citizen Avenue. Follow this road to the end, to the tower to have a look at the stored aircraft here.

7Cheyenne Air Center

Continue on Simmons Street and take the next left onto W Cheyenne Avenue. Take a left when you see the Cheyenne Air hangars. Continue and drive to the gates, left, middle or right to see the based helicopters from the US Army and Police here.

Parked at spot 2, when elevated by your pickup truck or some steps, you can take these shots of the Blue Air aircraft here (spot 2, 12 december 2022, Piet Luijken)

Near the terminal, there are two parking areas which give you views onto the apron, This shot was taken from the left parking. (spot 2, 11 november 2016, Joost de Wit)


124.000Clearance Delivery
125.700 / 360.750Tower
119.150Tower (RWY 12L/30R OPS)
119.400 / 118.125Approach

Based Operators

Det.1 B/3-140th AVN NV ARNG (S&S)UH-72A/UH-72B
Det.1 D/3-140th AVN NV ARNG (AA)UH-72A
LVMP Air Support Unit H145
Blue Air Training Corp.IAR823/PC-9A

More Info

FAA airport diagramFAA airport diagram with all taxiways, aprons etc.

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