Dobbins JARB

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City Marietta, GA
Position 33°54'55"N 084°30'59"W
Runway(s) 11/29
Elevation 1068 ft


Dobbins ARB is along the highway 41 in Marietta. It's possible to get good photos at either end. The runway is oriented NW/SE (11/29). Dobbins Joint Air Reserve Base is the largest multi-service reserve training base in the world. Dobbins Joint Air Reserve Base was built in 1943 and was originally called Marietta Army Airfield. Dobbins was used as an aircraft assembly plant (Marietta Aircraft Assembly Plant) but in 1943, the base was designated Marietta Army Airfield aka Cobb County Airport. In 1944, it was transferred from the Army to the Air Force. and was named as Marietta Air Force Base. In 1950 the name changed to Dobbins Air Force Base to honour Capt. Charles Dobbins, a flyer from Marietta who was killed in July 1943 when his aircraft was shot down over the Mediterranean Sea. In June 1992, the name was changed to Dobbins Air Reserve Base. Adjacent to Dobbins is Naval Air Station Atlanta, also used by the US Army. Also sharing the Dobbins runway is Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems Plant No. 6 which includes a 74-acre building where Lockheed builds the C-130 Hercules and F-22.


The airport has a corner for all its users. North of the runway, on the east side, close to spot 3, there is the apron for the AFRC. North of the runway, just south of Plant 6 is the area for the US Army. South of the runway are many aprons for the Lockheed Martin aircraft, C-130 and F-22.

Getting There

Dobbins JARB complex is located in Marietta, Georgia, off Exit 261, Highway 75, 16 miles northwest of Atlanta and about 25 miles from the Atlanta IAP.

Around the Airport

1Runway 29

At the southeast end of the air base, aircraft landing on runway 29 may be photographed from the Georgia Memorial Cemetery. After you leave Highway 75 onto 280/Delk Road, take the first left onto Cobb Pwky SE southbound. At this crossing you will pass the preserved B-29A. You enter the cemetery from Cobb Pkwy before Windy Hill Road on the other side of the Pugmire Suzuki dealer. The cemetery is a good bit above the runway elevation, so it is possible to see aircraft on the runway and taxiway from here. Landing traffic for runway 29 is often still turning as they pass the cemetery, which makes for nice photos. You probably need to go to the northern edge of the cemetery for the best views, although only in the late morning and afternoon, due to the sun. There is a large parking.

2Industrial Park

Just before the Georgia Memorial center, a road to the right is called the Airport Industrial Park Drive. Some Hercules aircraft can be seen between trees from this Airport Industrial Park Drive and side roads. You can use the parking of Yellow Freight for example. For reading on the main ramp across the runway you need a good pair of binoculars and a lack of heatwaves, though.

3Runway 29, morning

On the other side of the Airport Industrial Park Drive, there is an entrance to the Walmart and its parking. This is a good spot to look onto the runway and then park your car. Thereafter walk back to the Cobb Pkwy and walk to the right to look for a good spot to catch those early arrivals. From here you also have a view onto the LMAS aprons and part of the AFRC apron.

4Runway 11

For approaches at the northwest end (runway 11) you have to go to the other, west, side. After leaving the Highway 75, follow the 280/Delk Road via the north of the airport, along the Lockheed Martin Plant 6. At the crossing with route 5, take a left onto route 5/Atlanta Road SE. Pass the museum at your left and park on the side of the road between Austell Road and Bingham Street. If you climb the embankment, it is possible to see the approach lights and the Army apron with their white-coded Blackhawks. There are trees behind you, so the approaching planes pop into view without a lot of warning.


Follow the same route as for spot 4 but now take a left at the next crossing after passing the museum. Take a left at the next crossing to drive towards the museum. It is the Aviation Wing of the Marietta Museum of History and was open in 2011. Expect a C-141, L-1329 Jetstar, F-14, A-6, A-7, A-4 and S-3.

Parking your car is no problem at the parking of the Walmart, near spot 3, next to taking pictures like this one. Photo Ben Uffen

If you stand at spot 2, at the beginning of the Airport Industrial Park Drive, you can take these pictures of Hercules. Photo Ben Uffen



Based Operators

700th AS AFRCC-130H
1/151 AVN REGT Georgia ArNGOH-58A+
1/171 AVN REGT Georgia ArNGUH-60L
OSACAM det.9C-26E
LMTASC-130, F-22


Aviation Wing Marietta MoHmultiple
61-02799OV-1D, preserved at US ArNG camp, near 'H' at map
44-70133B-29A, preserved at crossing 280/Delk Road and 41/Cobb Pkwy SE.
54-1623AC-130A, preserved and parked in SE corner, near spot 2.

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