Fairbanks - Metro Field

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Last Validated May 2007
City Fairbanks, AK
Position 64°48'25"N 147°45'45"W
Runway(s) 6/24, 6W/24W
Elevation 432 ft


Metro Field, just east of Fairbanks International, is a small and uncontrolled general aviation field on the southern edge of town. It features a gravel runway (officially with a small paved part of low quality) and a float pond plus a few hangars and mostly gravel aprons. The former (Alaskan) Heli-Lift, now a subsidiary of the Bristow Group, has its base here. Flying activity is low and the local aircraft often not very exciting, but those appreciating a few extra floatplanes and helicopters may enjoy a short visit.


There is absolutely nothing fancy about this airfield and that in itself is worth seeing. Very unlike Alaska it is not a scenic place at all and not even very inviting. However, this is your chance to drive the rental over a runway because manoeuvring area and road structure are perfectly blended here: all is in the same maze of gravel surfaces. For this reason, the map makes no distinction between paved and gravel roads.

Getting There

Driving to the neighbourhood is easy: Van Horn Road comes directly from the international airport in the west, Pager Road and Lathrop Street are right out of town. Finding the field is easiest near the beginning of 24.

Around the Airport

1Taxiway Avenue

That's right, the road is the taxiway and the taxiway is the runway. Just watch for aircraft and stay clear of them while exploring the field. If you want to take photos, kindly ask for permission.

A Pathfinder Aviation Bell 206 sits on one of the very few paved surfaces of Metro Field. (Erik Sleutelberg)


118.300Fairbanks Tower

Based Operators

Air Logistics of AlaskaBell 206B/L-3, Bo105CBS

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