Sandefjord - Torp

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City Sandefjord
Position 59°11'12"N 10°15'31"E
Runway(s) 18/36
Elevation 286 ft


Built as a military air base, soon after its opening in 1956, Torp also became a civil airport. It developed slowly as a regional airport, until low cost carriers discovered its possibilities. Conveniently located 80 km south west of Oslo, Torp is currently one of two airports in the Oslo area for low costs flights, the other one is Rygge. Moreover, Wideroe is one of three maintenance facilities at Torp. In recent years, the airfield has lost its military reserve status.


Torp has a single north-south runway. The civil terminal is located on its west side, with the general aviation area north of it. The military once operated from the north east area, where the hangar of Dakota Norway can be found nowadays. Next to it, a shed holds the three aircraft listed as preserved, which are not visible from outside. The road east of the airfield, Beleveien, is usually shut-off (both its north and south entrance) unless people are present at one of the former military hangars, so you have to be lucky to find this area accessible.

Getting There

Located 80 km south west of Oslo as the crow flies, Torp is easy to reach by highway 18, which runs west of the airport. A railway station of the Vestfold Line is about 3 km from the airport and can be reached by bus. The trip to Oslo by train is almost 2 hours. Alternatively, coach and bus services are available.

Around the Airport

1Aprons & runway 18/36 - west side

The elevated parking lot south of the passenger terminal is a spot not to be missed at Torp. From here, you will have good views on the aprons to the east of the terminal building. Moreover, the southern part of the airfield, including landings on runway 36 can be seen and graphed from here as well. The latter is best in the afternoon, since you are on the west side of the runway. North of the terminal building, the general aviation area can be found, where the companies listed with the guide are based. Pictures can be made of aircraft parked on the general aviation aprons.

2Approach 36 - west side

A good alternative, spot 2 is found further south on Feensveien. A small exit to a crashgate permits viewing of the approach. Photography is possible from here too, but you are pretty close to the action and you will not have much time to react.

3Approach 18 - west side

If you have more time, you may one to check out the northern approach as well. From the terminal area, turn right to Fevang, and in the village, make a right turn again to the highway E18 exit. At the roundabout, go right again, you are now on Tassebekkveien. Take the first road on your right and turn left at the T-junction. Stop where no trees will obstruct your view to the east. Photography is best here after noon.

4Approach 18 - east side

Approach 18 can also be viewed from the east side, this is your preferred spot with a southern wind for the morning hours. From Tassebekkveien, take the next road on your right, after coming from spot 3. Drive south, until you have the trees at your right hand side.

5Dakota Norway

F-104 889 and F-84 52-8723 are parked outside here at the facility of Dakota Norway. They can be photographed from outside the fence, preferably in the afternoon. There is more interesting old stuff in a small building and a small terras where you can see flying activities pretty well and take photos of aircraft on the runway.

Widerøe is a frequent visitor of Trop and its Dash 8s can be photographed from spot 1 in an excellent way. (Derek Gaynor)

A small terrace at spot 5 gives a good overview of the runway and allows photography in the afternoon. (Lieuwe Hofstra)



Based Operators

Civil companies
Dakota NorwayDC-3
European Helicopter CentreAS350
Hesnes AirAS350B
Beech 200


323Saab 91B-2, hangar north east side
889CF-104, outside at spot 5
F-500F-86D, hangar north east side
52-8723RF-84F, outside at spot 5

More Info

Sandefjord Lufthavn, TorpOfficial website of Sandefjord Airport

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