Bergen - Flesland

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City Bergen
Position 60°17'36"N 5°13'05"E
Runway(s) 17/35
Elevation 170 ft


Bergen Airport, Flesland lies approximately 20km south of Bergen, Norway's second largest city. It is currently a civil airport, after loosing its role as a military reserve air base. As Norway's second airport it handles approximately 5 mln passengers per year. It offers international and charter services, and houses a large heliport, supporting Norway's off-shore oil industry.


The airfield was built as a military base, but also served as a civil airport from its opening. It features a single north-south runway, with all facilities located on its east side. The military infrequently used the north eastern part of the airfield. A new civil terminal was constructed on the south west side, whereas the old civil terminal north of it now handles helicopter flights. The general aviation area is just north of the helicopter pads. The airport is constructed on a high plateau, and combined with omnipresent pine woods this prevents views of the airport from most sides. Only near the terminal area the runway can actually be seen.

Getting There

Located south west of Bergen, the airport is served by a shuttle bus from the city. Road no.556 leads from the city to the airport and the drive is about 25 minutes. The airport is clearly signposted from this road.

Around the Airport

1Runway & taxiways - east side

The best spot for viewing at Bergen is the parking garage in front of the terminal. It gives an elevated view of the runway and taxiways and provides numerous photo opportunities. As can be expected, photography is best in the morning, roughly until noon.

2Aprons - east side

From the terminal area, take the first roundabout and continue to the second one. Turn left here and follow the road to the north. From here, many opportunities exist to pole-off and photograph aircraft and helicopters parked on the apron to the west side of the road.

3Approach 35 - east side

Both runway ends are not visible from outside, due to the woods and geography of the area. However, views of the approaches can be had from a bit further away, although this requires some driving around. As for approach 35, a good option is at spot 3. Coming from the terminal area, drive south on Lønningsvegen, and keep going straight at the roundabout, crossing Fleslandsvegen. The road is called Espehaugen, turn right before the dead end and continue for a few meters along the industrial buildings. An open space can be found at the end of the road, which gives some room to move your camera and take pics of the approaching aircraft; in the morning that is.

4Approach 17 - east side

Views of the northern approach are even harder to find, but may be worth the drive. From the terminal, head to the town of Bergen on road no.556. Turn left for Stamneset and Grimstad. Continue on the road through Grimstad, the area here is called Grimstadneset. Find yourself an open place to have some views, like the position given as spot 4. As with spot 3, photography is best in the morning.

Taxiing to the gates from the runway, take from spot 1. Michael van der Plas.

Off-shore helicopter just after take-off from the runway, spot 1. Michael van der Plas.


119.100 / 122.100Tower

Based Operators

Civil companies
Bergen Air TransportBeech 200
Beech 350
CHC NorwayAS332
Lufttransport det.AW139
Norsk HelikopterAS332

More Info

Bergen Lufthavn, FleslandBergen Airport on Avinor website

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