Tirana - Heliport (Farka)

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Last Validated 03-2017
City Tirana
Position 41°18'54"N 019°53'00"E
Runway(s) HEL
Elevation 780 ft


Farka (or Farkë) is Albania's only military heliport, once known for housing the last active Mi-4 helicopters in Europe. Unfortunately, most of these are currently being scrapped and have been replaced by western types. The heliport can be found in a beautiful countryside and offers some interesting views.


Most of the helicopter dispersals can be found against the mountainside, east of the gate and main facilities. Surrounding hills provide good views of the helicopters on the base.

Getting There

The heliport is located south east of its capital Tirana, off road SH3 to Elbasan, named Rruga Elbasanit. Farka is not easy to find as narrow roads lead to the heliport, which is located in rural, but beautiful countryside. New roads are being constructed though. A few kilometers south of Tirana, take a left turn at the large roundabout in Lunder, after a few sharp curves the narrow road becomes less curvy and will bring you to the heliport.

Around the Airport

1West side aprons

The main gate is at an intersection with roads leading both left and right. Arriving at the gate, turn left up the hill and follow the road until it bends to the left. From here views of the AB206s can be obtained, if you take one of the small, steep roads on your right, but because of the geography, it is hard to get an overview. Photography is possible in the late afternoon, but a big lens is needed.

2East side aprons

The east side of the heliport is easier to reach. Coming from spot 1, pass the main gate on your left and turn right at the T-junction. You are now south of the base. Pass the base and continue up the hill on the other side of the base to find yourself a suitable spot to read off some of the Mi-4s parked in the dispersal as well as operational helicopters outside. Photography is best here in the morning, and undisturbed views can be had.

3North side aprons

For the more adventurous, looking for the last serials or a different picture of the base, this spot might be worth trying. Coming from spot 1 and continue up on the hill. Past the last house on your right you are able to walk into the fields, jump over a small creek and continue towards the base. The airfield is down below you and you can continue to the edge of the cliff, if you feel comfortable to do so. A nice overview of the northern part of the heliport and possibly some extra serials, a peek in the hangar or a unique picture is your reward.

Albanian Cougar as seen from spot 1. (Wim Sonneveld)

Based Operators

Regjimenti HelikopterëveAB205, AB206, AS532, Bo105M, EC135
Njesia e Aviacionit s Ministria e BrendshmeMi-8T


6-41Z-5, at gate

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