Last Validated Mar 2017
City Kucova
Position 40°46'18"N 019°54'06"E
Runway(s) 14/32
Elevation 135 ft


Kucova or Kuçovë, also called Berat, is Albania's premier military airfield. The base has recently seen some upgrades and a few international exercises have been held here. Many Albanian MiGs and Shenyangs can be found at the base, but these are no longer active and will be scrapped. The base is well known for its large mountainside hangar. Views from outside the airbase are reasonably good.


Kocuva has a single 14/32 runway. The west side of the airfield is fairly open, all facilities and dispersals can be found east of the runway. This side is fenced of by a earth wall. From half way down the runway, a 3km long taxi track leads to a mountainside tunnel hangar.

Getting There

Coming from Tirana, head south towards Lushnja, and follow the road east to Kucova. After passing through the village of Ura Vajgurore, the airbase can be found on your right.

Around the Airport

1Approach 14 & flightline

Arriving from the direction of Ura Vajgurore, this spot is situated on the north side of the airfield. The road leads under the approach and the flightline is parallel to the road. Just find a spot to park your car. Depending on the time of the day, move up and down the road for the best light conditions.

2Northern dispersals & main gate

Coming from spot 1, spot 2 is just further down the road near the main gate. Peeking through the gate, aircraft parked in the northern dispersals can be read off. When you take a left turn just past the gate, you can also see the row of preserved aircraft just behind the gate. Photography is not recommended here.

3East side dispersals

After visiting spot 2, you might want to try to read off a few more MiGs and Shenyangs at spot 3. Head east and back track to the airbase once you can do so. Your view may be obstructed a bit by a wall or buildings.

4Approach 32

Head back towards Ura Vajgurore and take a left turn to Berat, simply follow the perimeter of the base. Near the 32 threshold, this road leads close to the runway. This is a good spot for afternoon photography, provided that flying activity is taking place.

5Mountainside platform

From spot 4, head straight east and turn left at the T-junction at the base of the mountain. This road crosses the taxiway which leads to the cave. Aircraft parked outside can be read off. If necessary you can climb a mountain nearby to get a better view of the aircraft at the back of the row.



Based Operators



4-13F-5, at gate
4-22F-6, at gate
5-48MiG-15bis, at gate
5-09MiG-15UTI, at gate
0203F-7A, at gate

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