Armed Forces Overviews
USAF - Hawaii
United States Air Force - Hawaii
Hickam AFB (HI) (PHIK)
Rwy: 04L/22R, 04R/22L, 08L/26R, 08R/26L
Pos: 21°18'58"N 157°55'36"W
Elev: 13 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Tail Code Tail Colour Badge
15th Wing
15th OG (PACAF)
19th FS (F-22A) HH

65th AS C-37A
- -

535th AS C-17A HH yellow/red
154th Wing
154th OG (HI ANG)
199th FS F-22A The Kukaiumoku HH black/grey

203rd ARS KC-135R Hoku HH yellow/white

204th AS (C-17A) HH yellow/red
19th FS is an active associate unit and share aircraft with the 199th FS.
204th AS is an associate unit from 535th AS, borrowing aircraft when needed

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