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Army Air Corps
Army Air Corps
Aldergrove (EGAA)
Rwy: 07/25, 17/35
Pos: 54°39'27"N 006°12'57"W
Elev: 268 ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Code Range Badge
5 Regiment AAC (NI)

651sq Defender AL1
Defender AL2
Defender T3
Islander AL1

655sq Islander CC2
Islander CC2A

665sq Gazelle AH1
651sq is part of the Joint Special Forces Aviation Wing (JSFAW)
651sq maintains detachments at RAF Northolt and RAF Waddington
665sq is part of Joint Helicopter Command (JHC)

Hereford (EGVH)
Credenhill Barracks
Rwy: (none)
Pos: 52°04'51"N 002°48'04"W
Elev: 210 ft
squadron Aircraft Type(s) Code Range Badge

658sq AS365N3
Gazelle AH1
658sq is attached to 22nd Special Air Service Regiment which is also based here.
658sq is part of the Joint Special Forces Aviation Wing (JSFAW)

Lyneham (EGDL)
Rwy: 06/24, 18/36
Pos: 51°30'19"N 001°59'36"W
Elev: 513 ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Code Range Badge
DCTT - Defence College of Technical Training

DCTT - Defence College of Technical Training Gazelle AH1
Lynx AH7
Scout AH1
Some of the airframes have been allocated serials in the TADxxx range.
The British Army technical training component (Defence College of Electro-Mechanical Engineering - DCEME) has been absorbed into the Defence College of Technical Training since 1 October 2015.

Middle Wallop (EGVP)
Rwy: 01/19, 02/20, 08/26, 13/31
Pos: 51°08'56"N 001°34'08"W
Elev: 295 ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Code Range Badge
HQ Director Army Aviation

667(D&T)sq Gazelle AH1
7 Regiment AAC (Trg)

7Regt Conversion Flt Gazelle AH1

A to Z

671sq/25Flt Bell 212

673(AHTU)sq Apache AH1

676sq Tutor T1 last two

Army Air Corps Historical Flight Alouette AH2, Auster AOP9, Beaver AL1, Chipmunk T10, Scout AH1, Sioux AH1, Skeeter AOP12
667(D&T)sq also operates with other helicopters (like Apaches) on loan from operational units when required.

Reporting directly to the HQ Director Army Aviation, 667(D&T)sq at Middle Wallop is the Army Air Corps (AAC) test and development squadron. It is equipped with a few Gazelle AH1 and Lynx AH7 helicopters, but if required additional helicopters are operation on loan basis from other AAC units. The here shown Gazelle AH1 (ZA772) was seen at its homebase, on 19 October 2009.
Photo: Ron Bijsterbosch
Seria/Medicina Lines (Brunei Darussalam)
Rwy: HEL
Pos: 04°36'29"N 114°19'36"E
Elev: 22 ft
Flight Aircraft Type(s) Code Range Badge

7Flt Bell 212

Suffield (Canada) (CYSD)
Rwy: 04/22
Pos: 50°16'00"N 111°11'00"W
Elev: 2523 ft
Flight Aircraft Type(s) Code Range Badge

29Flt Gazelle AH1

The Apache helicopters do not carry any individual unit markings. Even though the helicopters are assigned to a specific Regiment (3 Regt or 4 Regt), they are operated from a joint maintenance pool. ZJ220 is shown here just prior to take off from the Salisbury Plains.
Photo: Ronald Stevelink
Wattisham (EGUW)
Rwy: 05/23
Pos: 52°07'38"N 000°57'21"E
Elev: 284 ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Code Range Badge
3 Regiment AAC

653sq Apache AH1

662sq Apache AH1

663sq Apache AH1
4 Regiment AAC

656sq Apache AH1

664sq Apache AH1
Both 3 Regiment AAC and 4 Regiment AAC are part of the Joint Helicopter Command (JHC)

The Apache suffered from quite some bad press in Great Britain. This was mainly due to delivery delays and budget overruns, which, combined with the end of the Cold War, made several people doubt the use of this expensive fighting machine. Its deployment to the Helmand Province, in Afghanistan, made them change their mind quickly! Strangly this machine, which is built to kill, became a life saver in Afghanistan. With its on board sensors, and its weapons suit, the Apache is able to provide the British soldiers on the ground with both life saving information of the battlefield situation, and close air support. Here ZJ233 is seen hovering over the Salisbury Plains, during a pre-deployment training mission.
Photo: Hans Heemskerk
Yeovilton (EGDY)
Rwy: 04/22, 09/27
Pos: 51°00'34"N 002°38'20"W
Elev: 75 ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Code Range Badge
1 Regiment AAC

652sq Wildcat AH1

659sq Wildcat AH1

661sq Wildcat AH1

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