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Taiwan Air Force
Taiwan Air Force
Chung-Hua Min Guo Kong Jun
Chiayi (RCKU)
Rwy: 18/36
Pos: 23°27'42"N 120°23'34"E
Elev: 85ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Tail Colour Badge

Rescue Squadron S-70
4th TFW (455th TFW)

21st TFG F-16A
'455TFW' on lhs
'21TFG' on rhs

22nd TFG F-16A
'455TFW' on lhs
'22TFG' on rhs

23rd TFG F-16A
'455TFW' on lhs
'23TFG' on rhs
The Rescue Squadron keeps helicopter detachments at several bases. The S-70 will be withdrawn from use as soon as deliveries of the UH-60Ms are completed.

Taiwan is still operating a local aircraft industry. AIDC produced a couple of indigenous aircraft types, like this AT-3 that is used for fighter training.
Photo: (Kangshan, 18 August 2000, Hans Rolink)
Taiwan is one of the many countries operating the F-16. Two wings, sharing 150 F-16s, fly the Fighting Falcon.
Photo: (Tainan, November 2007, Reinier Schreurs)
Gangshan (RCAY)
Rwy: 18L/36R, 18R/36L
Pos: 22°46'54"N 120°15'44"E
Elev: 34ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Tail Colour Badge
Air Force Academy

Basic Training Group T-34C

Fighter Training Group AT-3

Airlift Training Group Beech 1900C
(det from Sungshan)

The Air Force Academy at Kangshan is tasked with delivering trained pilots for the air force. Basic training takes place on the T-34.
Photo: (Kangshan, 18 August 2000, Hans Rolink)
Hsinchu (RCPO)
Rwy: 05/23
Pos: 24°49'05"N 120°56'22"E
Elev: 26ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Tail Colour Badge
2nd TFW (499th TFW)

41st TFG Mirage 2000-5Di
Mirage 2000-5Ei

42nd TFG Mirage 2000-5Di
Mirage 2000-5Ei

48th TG Mirage 2000-5Di
Mirage 2000-5Ei

One wing, the 2nd Tactical Fighter Wing, at Hsinchu flies the Mirage 2000. A total of 60 of these delta's were delivered to the Asian Island.
Photo: (Hsinchu, 27 August 2007, Dietmar Fenners)
Hualien (RCYU)
Karenka North
Rwy: 03L/21R, 03R/21L
Pos: 24°01'23"N 121°37'04"E
Elev: 52ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Tail Colour Badge
5th TFW (401st TFW)

12th TRS RF-5E

12th TRS RF-16A

17th TFG F-16A

26th TFG F-16A

27th TFG F-16A
Although being part of 12th TRS the F-5s still carry the 4th TRS markings.
The single seat F-16s of 12th TRS are able to carry the strategic recce pod. Wiring for that has been installed in the aircraft. We refer to them as RF-16As, although that might not be the official designation for them.
The tail colours, mentioned with the F-16A/B squadrons, actually refer to the tip of the fuel tanks

Magong (RCQC)
Rwy: 02/20
Pos: 23°34'04"N 119°37'44"E
Elev: 103ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Tail Colour Badge

(1st TFW and 3rd TFW) F-CK-1A
(Detachment from April to October)

Pingtung North (RCSQ)
Rwy: 08/26
Pos: 22°41'59"N 120°28'56"E
Elev: 78ft
Component Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Tail Colour Badge
6th T/EWW (439th CW)

33rd squadron P-3C

34th squadron

Pingtung South (RCDC)
Rwy: 09/27
Pos: 22°40'20"N 120°27'42"E
Elev: 78ft
Component Aircraft Type(s) Tail Colour Badge

6th T/EWW (439th CW)
10th TAG

101st TCS C-130H

102nd TCS C-130H
20th EWG

2nd Early Warning Squadron E-2K

6th Electronic Warfare Squadron C-130HE

Operating from Pingtung North, but formally stationed at Pingtung South, the 2nd Early Warning Squadron was given six E-2T Hawkeye to perform their task.
Photo: (Pingtung, 23 June 2007, Reinier Schreurs)
Taichung/Cingcyuangang (RCMQ)
Ching Chuan Kang
Rwy: 18/36
Pos: 24°15'53"N 120°37'14"E
Elev: 665ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Tail Colour Badge
3rd TFW (427th TFW)

7th TFG F-CK-1C

28th TFG F-CK-1C

Tainan (RCNN)
Rwy: 18L/36R, 18R/36L
Pos: 22°57'01"N 120°12'12"E
Elev: 63ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Tail Colour Badge
1st TFW (443rd TFW)

1st TFG F-CK-1C

3rd TFG F-CK-1C

9th TFG F-CK-1C

Another local design is this Ching Kuo. Two wings have been equipped with this fighter type.
Photo: (Tainan, 30 August 2007, Dietmar Fenners)
Taipei/Songshan (RCSS)
Rwy: 10/28
Pos: 25°04'10"N 121°33'09"E
Elev: 18ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Tail Colour Badge
Sungshan Airbase Command

Special Transport Squadron Beech 1900C
Fokker 27-050

Presidential Flight Section Boeing 737
Fokker 27-050

Three Fokker 50 VIP aircraft were delivered to the Special Transport Squadron at Shungshan in 1994.
Photo: (Sungshan, 14 August 2000, Hans Rolink)
Taitung/Jhihhang (RCQS)
Rwy: 04/22
Pos: 22°47'35"N 121°10'55"E
Elev: 118ft
Wing Aircraft Type(s) Tail Colour Badge

Tactical Training & Development Center F-5E
7th FTW (737th TFW)

44th TFS F-5E

45th TFS F-5E

46th TFS F-5E
The TT&DC borrows aircraft from 7th FTW.

The country operated large number of F-5 Freedom Fighters in the past. Currently, only one wing remains with this type. The TTDC also flies the aircraft in the aggressor role though.
Photo: (Taitung, 25 August 2007, Dietmar Fenners)
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