Armed Forces Overviews
Mongolian People's Air Force
Mongolian People's Air Force
Choilbalsan (ZMCD)
Rwy: 12/30
Pos: 48°08'08"N 114°38'47"E
Elev: 2431 ft
Regiment Aircraft types Badge
No information about based aircraft is available.

Rwy: 11L/29R, 11R/29L
Pos: 47°44'21"N 107°22'28"E
Elev: 4739 ft
Regiment Aircraft types Badge
Helicopter regiment Mi-24

In 1986 Mongolia received twelve Mi-24Vs
Photo: Internet
Sainshand (ZMSH)
Rwy: 14/32
Pos: 44°59'12"N 110°10'30"E
Elev: 2995 ft
Regiment Aircraft types Badge
Fighter regiment MiG-29
This base is also called "Buyant Ukhaa"
MiG-17 used to operate from this base. Whether the MiG-21's are stored here needs confirmation.

November 2019 fighter operations were restarted again with the arrival of the first MiG-29s from Russia.
Photo: ikon
Ulaan Bataar/Chinggis Khaan IAP (ZMUB)
Rwy: 14/32, 15/33
Pos: 47°50'33"N 106°46'03"E
Elev: 4364 ft
Regiment Aircraft types Badge
Unit 303 Mi-171E
A transport regiment at Ulaan Bataar used to fly An-24B.

Unit 303 opertes a VIP Mi-171E in addition to a camouflaged one
Photo: Alan Key
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