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Hellenic Coast Guard
Hellenic Coast Guard
Liminiko Soma
Coastal patrol and polution control is executed by the three Cessna F406 Surpolmar aircraft, flying from Tatoi, just north-east of Athens.
Photo: Marco Dijkshoorn
Dekelia/Tatoi (LGTT)
Rwy: 21/03
Pos: 38°06'35"N 023°46'56"E
Elev: 758 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Limeniko Soma

Airplanes sq Ce172RG
Marathon/Kotroni (LGKN)
Rwy: 03/21H, 12/30H
Pos: 38°08'16"N 023°57'06"E
Elev: 969 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Limeniko Soma

Helicopter sq SA365N3
This version of the Dauphin helicopter is the latest and most powerful version. It is especially equipped for the specific tasks of the Coast Guard and has a powerful Telephonic RDR-1400C weather/search radar, a nose mounted FLIR, a powerful searchlight en a set of loudspeakers. Furthermore it is capable of flying in the dark with NVGs which is a prerogative when operating with the anti-terrorist immediate response teams. It has provisions for armour and armament. It also has an external hoist.
Photo: Piet Luijken
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