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Central African Republic Air Force history
Central African Republic Air Force history
First ruler of the CAR, Jean Bedel Bokassa titles are painted on the fuselage of C-54B TL-KAP.
Photo: collection Dick Lohuis
Bangui/M'Poko (FEFF)
Base Aérienne
Rwy: 17/35, 17/35 (grass)
Pos: 04°23'52"N 018°31'11"E
Elev: 1208 ft
Force Timeline Aircraft Type(s)
Escadron Centrafricaine

1961 - present C-47 (->?)
MH1521C/M (->?)
AB47G (->19June62)
C-54B (Oct68-14June79)
Falcon 20C (Apr69-Feb76)
MS893-235E (78-Feb98)
SE210-3 (Apr82-Feb84)
AS350B (84->)
Ce172FR (Oct98->)
Joker J300 (98->)
BN-2B-26 (98->)
BN-2A-9 (Oct99-?)
C-130A (Aug06-?)
Mi-24V (Jan11->)

? - present AL60-F5
Falcon 20C (Aug86-Feb95)
SA365N-1 (29Mar12->)

C-47 TL-KAD/48286 seen at Paris-Le Bourget in 1968.
Photo: unknown
Visiting Köln in October 1973 is Falcon 20C TL-KAZ.
Photo: Günter Grondstein
SE210-3 TL-AAI, with governmental seal behind the forward entrance door, at Paris-Orly in November 1976.
Photo: collection Dick Lohuis
Even in a desert environment airctaft need to be washed, like here MS893-235E Rallye TL-KAG in August 1984.
Photo: Philippe Colin
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