USN VP 26 P 8A Lajes Joao Toste 640US Navy plans to shift active VP squadrons to Reserve

In saving budget over Future Years Defense Plan, the US Navy proposes to shift two Boeing P-8A Poseidon Patrol Squadrons (VP) from the active component to the Reserve component in 2026.

The Navy’s FY2023 budget highlights book that was published in April 2022, shows the proposal in which the Patrol Squadrons, one from each cost, will be shifted to the Navy Reserve.

At this moment, the US Navy has twelve Poseidon equipped patrol squadrons, six at NAS Whidbey Island (WA) and six at NAS Jacksonville (FL).

The Navy Reserve operates two patrol Squadrons, still equipped with the Lockheed P-3C Orion. These squadrons, one at each Whidbey Island and Jacksonville, will convert to the P-8A Poseidon in the coming years. Which two VP squadrons will be shifted to the Navy Reserve is not known yet.

USN various VP Poseidon units Lajes Joao Toste 320The current two Reserve VP squadrons, VP-69 at Whidbey Island and VP-62 at Jacksonville, augment the active component on a frequent basis. According to FY2023 budget highlights book "the proposed force structure change supports the move to integrate the reserve component more towards a tottal force solution". The US Navy estimates that the shift would result in savings of USD 55,5 million over the Future Years Defense Plan.

According to the Scramble Magazine Air Order of Battle of the US Navy the following Patrol Squadrons are based at the abovementioned Naval Air Stations. The CPRW-10 and CPRW-11 units operate the Boeing P-8A Poseidon.

NAS Whidbey Island (WA)
Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing 10 (CPRW-10)
VP-1 Screaming Eagles ('YB-xxx')
VP-4 Skinny Dragons ('YD-xxx')
VP-9 Golden Eagles ('PD-xxx')
VP-40 Fighting Marlins ('QE-xxx')
VP-46 Grey Knights ('RC-xxx')
VP-47 Golden Swordsmen ('RD-xxx')
Commander Maritime Support Wing (CMSW) - Navy Reserve
VP-69 Totems ('PJ-xxx'), operating the P-3C
NAS Jacksonville (FL)
Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing 11 (CPRW-11)
VP-5 Mad Foxes ('LA-xxx')
VP-8 Fighting Tigers ('LC-xxx')
VP-10 Red Lancers ('LD-xxx')
VP-16 War Eagles ('LF-xxx')
VP-26 Tridents ('LK-xxx')
VP-45 Pelicans ('LN-xxx')
Commander Maritime Support Wing (CMSW) - Navy Reserve
VP-62 Broadarrows ('LT-xxx'), operating the P-3C

Also based at NAS Jacksonville (FL) is the Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS), VP-30 The Pro's Nest ('LN-xxx'). The unit's mission is to provide P-3C and P-8A specific training to Naval Aviators, Naval Flight Officers, and enlisted Naval Aircrewman prior to reporting to the fleet.

Photo by João Toste Aviation Photography

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