USA USMC F 35 169621 EGYM Marham 16Sep20 Paul Easton 640UPDATE Vermont ANG and USMC F-35s

Scramble Magazine is informed that the Vermont Air National Guard (VT ANG) F-35A Lightning IIs will not deploy to RAF Lakenheath (UK), but they will go to Spangdahlem Air Base (Germany) instead.

On Tuesday 27 April 2021, two aircraft are expected to arrive at Spangdahlem, where they will stay for around two weeks.

Lakenheath, however, will host an unknown number of VMFA-211 Wake Island Avengers ('CF-xx') F-35B Lightning IIs. No information was given on the duration of their stay. In September 2020, VMFA-211 deployed with ten F-35Bs to RAF Marham (UK).

Like in 2020, the F-35Bs will be dispatched to the British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth.

Originally, the VT ANG F-35As were thought to go to Lakenheath as Scramble Magazine reported on 22 April 2021.

Photo by Paul Easton (Scramble Archive)

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