US Army UH 60V credit Maxilmillian Switala 640UH-60V 'Victor' Black Hawk cancelled

The US Army plans to halt production of the UH-60V Black Hawk in fiscal year 2025. Northrop-Grumman teamed up with the United States Army, to upgrade UH-60L Black Hawk helicopters with a new, digital cockpit and integrated avionics suite.

In the original plan, 760 UH-60L helicopters were to undergo this modification but the first doubts were cast when the full-rate production decision was postponed in April 2023. This was in contrast to a 'successful' evaluation report from the Army Test and Evaluation Command in December 2022.

Despite this report, the Programme Executive Office called for a "rigorous review process to ensure that the UH-60V is ready for full-rate production".

Despite this announcement, production and deliveries of the UH-60V continued, albeit at a very slow pace.

Currently, only four units have been or are in the process of being equipped with the UH-60V model:

1-230th AVN TN ARNG (AHB) - currently undergoing conversion from UH-60L to UH-60V
A/1-230th AVN TN ARNG (ASLT) AASF#1 JB Berry Field ANGB, Nashville (TN)
B/1-230th AVN TN ARNG (ASLT) AASF#3 McKellar-Snipes RAP, Jackson (TN)
C/1-230th AVN PA ARNG (ASLT) AASF#2 John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria CAP (PA)
1-106th AVN IL ARNG (AHB) - converted from UH-60L to UH-60V
A/1-106th AVN IL ARNG (ASLT) AASF#1 Decatur Airport (IL)
B/1-106th AVN IL ARNG (ASLT) AASF#2 Kankakee, Greater Kankakee Airport (IL)
C/1-160th AVN GA ARNG (ASLT) AASF#1 Winder-Barrow CAP, Winder (GA)
1-214th AVN (GSAB) - converted from UH-60M to UH-60V
A/1-214th AVN (CMD) Wiesbaden AAF (Germany)
Eastern Army National Guard Aviation Training Site PA ARNG (EAATS) - divested UH-60A, added UH-60V
Aviation Training Battalion- Utility (ATB-U) AASF#1 Muir AHP, Fort Indiantown Gap (PA)

In addition to these units, a small number of UH-60V Black Hawks is also being used by the Army Flight Test Directorate (AFTD) at Redstone AAF, Redstone Arsenal (AL) for trial purposes.

Until the end of FY24, a total of 151 UH-60V helicopters were already funded, between 70 and 80 of these have been delivered to date or are undergoing pre-delivery test flights.

Credit photos: Maximillian Switala (via

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