Turkmenistan Air Order of Battle credit Scramble Archive 640Turkmenistan Orbats online!

One of very few countries not yet listed in the Scramble Magazine overview of Air Order of Battles (Orbats) was Turkmenistan ...

Until now, because we have just published the Orbat of the Turkmenistan Air Force. With its fleet of MiG-29s and Su-25s, as well as its recently acquired Leonardo M346 Masters and C-27J Spartans, Embraer Super Tucanos and Bayraktar UAVs, Turkmenistan is preparing itself for the future.

You can find the air force Air Order of Battle here!

In good tradition, the state of Turkmenistan has a vast security apparatus, like the police, the secret service and the border guard, all with their own aviation assets. Scramble Magazine presents a unique overview of these services, which also operate a mix of modern Russian and Western equipment.

For completeness sake, but already published a few months ago, there is also an overview of aircraft operated by the government of Turkmenistan, in use by the president and for medical assistance.

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Credit photo: Scramble Archive

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