Turkey Orman delivery T 70 OR 1020 30dec22 640Turkish Forestry service receives first T-70 Black Hawk

Following the initial delivery of a locally produced T-70 Black Hawk to the Gendarmerie, the second delivery from the "T-70 Turkish Multirole Utility Helicopter Project" (TMUHP or Genel Maksat Helikopteri/GHM) was to the Orman Genel Müdürlüğü (OGM) Havacılık (Turkish General Directorate of Forestry Aviation Department).

Scramble Magazine reported on the TMUHP Black Hawk programme and the delivery of the first Gendarmerie T-70 on 15 December 2022.

The OGM T-70, serial OR-1020, was delivered from the TUSAŞ facilities at Ankara-Mürted to the nearby OGM facilities at Ankara-Etimesgut. The manufacturer’s serial number remains unclear, for now.

The locally produced T-70 can carry 2,5 tons of water at a time and is able to fly up to 2,5 hours while carrying eleven fire fighters when necessary. It is also equipped to perform search and rescue as well as nocturnal missions. The exact mission system configuration is not revealed yet, but these are also locally produced.

Photo via TUSAŞ

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