The return of a Gannet?

On their Facebook page the British organisation ‘Navy Wings’ announces that it is urgently looking for volunteers with experience on the Fairey Gannet. These volunteers are wanted to prepare US-based Gannet XT752 (N752XT) for its first flight in several years.

The historic turboprop is currently located in Woodville (WI), Wisconsin, and the intent is to prepare it for a ‘one flight only’ move. The flight to Spokane (WA), where it will be subject to a full maintenance package, is planned before the end of September. The ultimate goal is to re-patriate XT751 to the UK, to be brought under the care of Navy Wings.

Successful candidates will ideally have direct experience of having worked with the Gannet, either as engineers or pilots. Interested parties should contact Tim Manna at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This Gannet was originally built as the first T2 with serial WN365, then operated by the Indonesian Navy for a year as AS-14 and converted to T5 status as G-APYO, registered in February 1960. From August 1966 it was flown again by the Royal Navy, this time as XT752. It operated from RNAS Lossiemouth by 849 Sqdn HQ Flight. XT752 was retired as the Royal Navy's last operational Gannet in 1978 and sold to the Polar Air Museum as N752XT. Had an interesting history after the museum closed and was up for sale from December 2020.

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