The last Swiss Mirage flight

The curtain has fallen for Mirage 3DS HB-RDF (101/228F). The Mirage two-seater made its final flight on 25 May 2023.

The jet served the Schweizer Luftwaffe (Swiss Air Force) as J-2012 from 1982 to 2003. After the end of its service life J-2012 was sold to civilian owners and was registered as HB-RDF. From 2008 the Mirage was flown with wealthy passengers in the backseat, to pay for the huge costs of operating a fast jet.

Unfortunately the current owner, the Association Espace Passion, was forced to decide the grounding of HB-RDF. The Swiss Aviation Authorities suspended the Permit to Fly, allegedly out of concern for the future of the jet engine.

Fortunately Association Espace Passion was granted a one-day special permit for two farewell flights from Payerne to the airfields of Sion, Emmen and Buochs. Both flights were performed by well-known Mirage pilot Thierry Goetschmann. At the end of the second flight Goetschmann headed for Payerne where he touched down for the last time. HB-RDF will become an exhibit in the local Aviation Museum. The Final Mirage Countdown!

Photo: Association Espace Passion

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