Serbia Orao special mks 640Special markings Serbian Air Force J-22 Orao

On 1 April 2021, the Vazduhoplovstvo i protivvazdušna odbrana - V i PVO (Serbian Air Force and Air Defence) was celebrating the 60th anniversay of 241.lbae (Fighter Bomber Aviation Squadron).

This squadron, based at Kraljevo/Ladjevci - Obrva air base and part of the 98th VB (Aviation Brigade), is the oldest squadron still existing within the Serbian Air Force.

It operates two main versions of the Soko J-2 fighter bomber aircraft (designated J-22 in Serbia), the single seat J-22 and the dual seat NJ-22 Orao. The exact number of operational aircraft is unknown.

Two J-22 Oraos, serials 25171 and 25175, were adorned with Tiger markings and J-22 Orao "25104" (fake serial) was adorned with the portrait of former squadron leader ltc Života Djuric, a war hero who was killed in combat mission over Kosovo in 1999.

For more information on the Serbian Air Force, please have look at the Scramble Magazine Air Order of Battle.

Serbia Orao flying special mks 320

Serbia Orao flightline 320Serbia Orao special mks 2 320
Photos: Алекса Младеновић

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