Russia RFVKS Su 25SM 1 640RF VKS Su-25 to Belarus

On 5 February 2022, it was announced that a mix of Russian Federation - Aerospace Forces (RF VKS) Sukhoi Su-25 and Sukhoi Su-25SM (ground) attack aircraft from the Eastern Military District had completed their redeployment to Luninets airfield, approximately 50 km north of the Ukrainian border, in the Republic of Belarus.

Mainly consisting out of the 18th Guards Assault Aviation Regiment and based at Chernigovka air base in the Primorsky Territory, Russian Su-25 pilots flew some 7,000 kilometers to Belarus.

Upon arrival at the temporary airfield of Luninets, the Su-25 crews will study the routes of upcoming flights, work out interaction with the flight control group and begin to perform tasks for their intended purpose.

Until 9 February 2022, redeployment and the creation of (Air) groups in Belarus will be completed.

Russia RFVKS overview Su 25 serials 320Russia RFVKS Su 25 screenshot 320On 31 January 2022, Scramble Magazine wrote about Russian Su-35S fighters being deployed to Belarus. From 10 February to 20 February, the Russian-Belarus joint exercise Allied-Resolve 2022 will be held.

The serial overview of the Sukhoi Su-25SM is provided by Evergreen Intel (Twitter)

UPDATE 7 February 2022

Reported Bort No and serials of the non-upgraded Su-25 (vanilla Su-25), all yellow Bort Numbers. The upgraded Su-25SM have red Bort Numbers:

Su-25: RF-90968/03 ye, RF-9..../04 ye, RF-9..../11 ye, RF-95124/16 ye, RF-90969/28 ye, RF-95179/29 ye and RF-95143/37 ye
Su-25UB: RF-95689/53 ye

Photos by Zvezda and Russian MoD

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