South Korea F 4E retirement credit Hornet 640Republic of Korea retires final F-4 Phantoms

After 55 years of service, the Dae Han Min Guk Gong Gun (RoKAF, Republic of Korea Air Force) retired its last operational F-4E Phantoms on 7 June 2024.

The retirement ceremony took place at Suwon Air Base, home of the last Phantom unit 153rd Fighter Squadron, part of the 10th Fighter Wing. Two F-4Es took to the sky for their final flight, commemorating its illustrious history within the RoKAF.

The ceremony also featured several commemorative flights by F-16s, FA-50s, F-15Ks and F-35As, marking the handover of the Phantom's mission to a new generation of aircraft.

The last squadron to operate the Phantom, 153rd FS will officially be disbanded on 1 September 2024.

RoKAF units which have operated the various Phantom versions were 110 FS, 151 FS, 152 FS, 153 FS, 156 FS, 157 FS and 131 TRS.

Credit photo: Hornet (X: @hornetysfs)

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