Portugal P 3C 24817 credit Sascha Jussen 640Portuguese Orion delivery

On 9 February 2024, the first former Marineflieger (GN, German Navy) P-3C Orion was flown to Portugal with serial 24817 (ex 60+08, ex MLD 312, c/n 5776) and call sign AFP77.

On 30 August 2023, the Portuguese Council of Ministers authorised the Força Aerea Portuguesa (FAP, Portuguese Air Force) to buy six former Marineflieger P-3C Orions. In addition to the aircraft, the package consists Mid-Life Upgrade (MLU) sets, spares, support equipment and test benches, as well as flight simulators and tactical procedures.

According to The P-3 Orion Research Group The Netherlands Portugal confirmed that the aircraft have been bought to keep their five Orions airworthy, so most likely they will be dismantled for spare parts. The allocated Portuguese serials of the aircraft are: 24812 (ex 60+03), 24813 (ex 60+04), 24814 (ex 60+05), 24815 (ex 60+06), 24816 (ex 60+07) and 24817 (ex 60+08).

One day earlier, the Orion made a local testflight (call sign AFP76) at Nordholz where it was photographed by Sascha Jussen. According to local spotters, a second aircraft will be delivered in four weeks time.

Credit photo: Sascha Jussen

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