Ocean Sky 2020

The air combat exercise, formerly known as DACT (Dissimilar air combat training) and led by the Ejército del Aire (EdA, Spanish Air Force), began on 18 October 2020 at Gando air base, Canary Islands.

Until 29 October 2020, Spanish and French fighter aircraft will train together to increase their operational readiness, simulating various scenarios. The principle aims of the exercise are to increase interoperability between different types of aircraft, as well as evaluate and improve the tactics, techniques and procedures.

The air defense of the Canary archipelago, like that of the rest of the Spanish territory, is the responsibility of the Spanish Air Force as part of NATO. In order to exercise this responsibility, the Mando Aéreo de Combate (MACOM, Combat Air Command) deployed its fighter and air defence units at Gando air base and the auxiliary units at Lanzarote Military Aerodrome.

This year's exercise only sees foreign participation from France. The Armée de l'Air (AdlA, French Air Force) is participating with an E-3F AWACS, a C-135FR Stratotanker and thirteen Rafales. The Rafale units are from Escadre de Chasse 30 at Mont-de-Marsan with the Rafale C and Escadre de Chasse 4 at Saint Dizier/Robinson with the Rafale B.

Spain has deployed F-18 Hornet, Eurofighter Typhoon, AV-8B Harrier and an A400M transport aircraft. The local based 462 Escuadron/Ala 46 operating the F/A-18A+ Hornet is participating in this exercise.

Ocean Sky Spain AV 8B 320Ocean Sky France Rafale 320Ocean Sky Spain A400M 320

Photos: Ejército del Aire and Armée de l'Air et de l'Espace

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