Canada RCAF A330MRTT imgae Airbus Defence 640Nine A330MRTTs for Canada

The Government of Canada has signed a contract with Airbus for nine A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) aircraft. The type won the bidding for the for the Strategic Tanker Transport Capability (STTC) programme as replacement for the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) ageing CC-150 Polaris-fleet.

The five ship Polaris fleet, two of which in tanker configuration, will thus be replaced by nine A330MRTTs. The number of aircraft to be ordered used to be six, but has now been raised to nine.

The break down of the order is as follows: The first two A330-200s were contracted last Summer. Both are former Kuwait Airways aircraft, the first of which was rolled out last Spring. These aircraft were purchased as is and will firstly be used for passenger and general transport tasks. Three more second-hand A330s have now been ordered through International AirFinance Corporation, bringing the total number of second hand aircraft to five A330-200s. The second-hand aircraft will be upgraded to the MRTT-version in the next few years.

Furthermore, four brand new A330MRTTs are being procured with Airbus Defence and Space in the final configuration. Airbus announced the newly-built A330-200s will be assembled at the A330 aircraft Final Assembly Line in Toulouse, France. Scheduled to enter into conversion at the A330 MRTT facilities in Getafe, Spain, in mid-2025, the first MRTT will be delivered to the RCAF in 2027.

The RCAF has chosen the designation CC-330 for the A330, and the aircraft will be named Husky. The name Husky has been chosen for the CC-330 due to its long history with the RCAF’s 437 (Transport) squadron, which will operate the new multi-role aircraft. The hardy Husky dog is known for its great endurance and ability to withstand cold weather, its unwavering dependability and overall toughness. Since 1944, the Husky has served as the mascot for 437 squadron, and the Husky emblem proudly adorns the squadron crest, symbolizing the spirit and values embodied by this remarkable breed. Additionally, during local training flights, 437 squadron aircraft currently use the callsign "Husky."

Image by Airbus Defence and Space

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