New Dannebrog

The new 'Dannebrog' F-16 fighter aircraft was officially revealed on 6 June 2024 at Skrydstrup Air Base.

The Flyvevåbnet (RDAF, Royal Danish Air Force) Fighting Falcon, with serial E-006 (c/n 6F-49), has taken over this role from the previous Dannebrog F-16, E-191 (c/n 6F-18).

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first flight of the F-16 Fighting Falcon, this aircraft has been painted in a striking color scheme. E-006 will be Denmark's new flying ambassador. The fighter, adorned in the livery of Denmark's national flag 'Dannebrog,' is a source of Danish pride, symbolising the Nordic country's aviation prowess. The public can expect to see this aircraft at upcoming airshows and operational displays.

The previous aircraft painted in the 'Dannebrog' markings, E-191, has been earmarked for donation to Ukraine along with eighteen other F-16s.

Credit photos: Tom Houquet/Aviation Photocrew (via Flyvevåbnet)

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