New Chinese J-20 dual

It is believed that on 26 October 2021, a J-20 twin seater has made its high speed taxi test at the Chengdu Aircraft Corporation (CAC).

Rumours had it that a twin-seater of latest generation of the stealth fighter aircraft was under development and even some pictures were leaked earlier.

Most of those pictures however proved to be fake, as the prototype features a pitot tube on the nose instead of the standard grey radar dome which is standard on the single-seat J-20.

Whether the twin seater will be used as a trainer aircraft for the single seater is still open, as recently the Chinese introduced a special version of the JL-10II (’02 Status') for this purpose.

So this J-20 version might be intended for more exotic roles like multirole stealth fighter flying air-to-ground, Electronic Warfare (EW) or even Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence (C3I) missions. No official designation is given, where J-20S would be an option for a trainer aircraft.

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