US VPU 2 P 8A Marc Sierra 640Mystery Poseidon noted with FLIR

Early September 2022, our friend Marc Sierra photographed a Boeing P-8A Poseidon operated by Special Projects Unit (VPU) 2 Wizards. The aircraft, with fake serial BuNo 168384, was photographed at San Antonio Internationl Airport (TX).

It is known that the VPU-2 Poseidons have been seen with different configuration settings, but this setting has not been seen yet. For more information see Scramble Magazine news item of 10 July 2021.

This specific Poseidon, real serial is BuNo 169327, was equipped with two additional humps and a retractable FLIR on the lower forward fuselage. It has the same antenna configurations on the lower rear fuselage as some of the other aircraft of this unit.

VPU-2 is based at NAS Jacksonville (FL). According to the Scramble Magazine database this unit has five Poseidons in its inventory, of which four are carrying fake Bureau Numbers(BuNo).

The unit's Poseidons are:

168438 (c/n 40818/4294), no fake serial (yet)
168854 (c/n 44146/5368) as 168441
168999 (c/n 44940/5656) as 169012
169327 (c/n 62299/6189) as 168384
169338 (c/n 63186/6595) as 169323

Photo by Marc Sierra (Scramble Archive)

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