Mexico SB MD530F 1133 EA112 Santa Lucia 23apr19 Jurgen van Toor 2 640Mexican AF MD530F down

On 10 June 2021, a Fuerza Aérea Mexicana (FAM, Mexican Air Force) MD530F, serial 1133 (construction number 0086FF), operated by Escuadron Aereo 112 crashed while flying in the vicinity of Military Air Base No. 1, in Santa Lucia, State of Mexico.

According to the reports, there are two injured after the helicopter came down in San Bartolo Temascalapa and Villas de Tezontepec Hidalgo, at the height of Cerro El Piojo, near Santa Lucia, when it was carrying out a training flight in the area.

Photo by Jurgen van Toor

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