Kazakhstan KazakhAF Su27 640Kazakhstan Air Defence Force uses road runway for the first time

During two weeks in March 2021, the Kazakh Defense Forces conducted a large-scale military exercise to test the combat readiness of the country's Special Forces.

The main objectives of the Altyn Zhebe (Golden Arrow) exercise were to verify combat effectiveness of Special Forces units and their ability to carry out any combat mission within a time limit, to improve field training and combat readiness.

The exercise involved the air force, in an airborne extended-distance deployment of troops. The operations mainly took place at night, including when Special Forces were parachuted into a mountainous area. The Special Forces occupied assigned positions and performed reconnaissance and search missions, while Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) monitored their missions, which included firearms qualification and adjusting artillery and mortar fire.

At the end of the exercise, for the first time an Airbus C295M transport aircraft and Sukhoi Su-27P/BM2 Flanker fighter used an airfield section of road in Mangistau region, to demonstrate the air force’s ability to deploy aircraft with increased mobility to austere locations in support of land and naval forces. The Kazakhstan Ministry of Defence (MoD) published a video of the road exercise.

Kazakhstan KazakhAF Road Field 480

Kazakhstan KazakhAF C295 480

The Mangistau region is relatively close to Aktau air base located in the southwest of the country near the Caspian Sea. Please visit the Scramble Magazine Kazakhstan Air Order of Battle.

Photo and video: Kazakhstan MoD

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