The 412th Maintenance Group, Fabrication Flight - Corrosion Control Team recently repainted the F-16 Viper Demo Team aircraft in the classic YF-16 livery to commemorate the platform's first flight 50 years ago at Edwards Air Force Base, California. (Air Force photo by James West)

"Just a nice Picture...!"

During the middle of May 2024, the USAF Viper Demonstration Team unveiled an F-16 50th anniversary paint scheme at Edwards AFB (CA).

The SW coded F-16C, with serial number 91-0395, normally assigned to the 20th Fighter Wing at Shaw AFB (SC), honours the original aircraft, which flew from Edwards during the 70s. The red, white and blue paint scheme was the original livery worn by the General Dynamics YF-16 prototype. The prototype first flew in 1974.

This anniversary year, Shaw's Viper Demo Team worked alongside Edwards's 412th Test Wing to complete the paint scheme in less than eight weeks. With this kind of scheme, the paint task would take approximately three months.

Credit photo: USAF

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