US 421st EFS F 35A to Jordan 640Hill's Lightnings swiftly move to the Middle East

While dangerous encounters between US and Russian aircraft above Syria endure, the first four 421st Fighter Squadron Lightning IIs arrived at Muwaffaq Salti Air Base (Jordan) on 25 July 2023.

Last week, a Russian Sukhoi Su-35S fighter aircraft deliberately damaged a US MQ-9 Reaper Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) above Syrian airspace. Subsequently, a dozen Hill AFB (UT) based 421st Fighter Squadron "Black Widows" Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning IIs transited RAF Mildenhall (UK) whilst enroute to Jordan.

Deployed in support of (Coalition) Air Forces Central missions, the F-35As from Hill will help defend interests, promote regional security and safeguard freedom of navigation in the region. In coordination with regional allies, partners and the US Navy, the Lightning IIs will also partner with USAF A-10C Thunderbolts and F-16C Fighting Falcons already in theatre helping to monitor the Strait of Hormuz and support to the coalition’s enduring mission to defeat terrorists in Syria.

US 421st FS patch 320Although the 12-strong contingent is made out of various Hill 388th Fighter Wing squadrons, the following HL coded F-35As are now part of the 421st Expeditionary Fighter Squadron in Jordan: 17-5247, 17-5276, 17-5281, 18-5445, 18-5446, 18-5452, 18-5453 (as "34FS"), 18-5456, 19-5539, 20-5569, 20-5585 and 20-5586.

Credit photo: USAF / patch:

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