From T-27 to T-27M, 1st Brazilian modernized Tucano was rolled out

Brazil is modernizing its ageing Embraer T-27 fleet. The first of two pattern aircraft, T-27M 1446 (construction number 312424) a former AT-27, was rolled-out at the Parque de Material Aeronáutico de Lagoa Santa (PAMA-LS) in Minas Gerais state. The upgrade is being performed by Albatross and includes a cockpit update introducing new big multi-functional displays. Planning calls for 42 Fuerza Aérea Brasilera (FAB, Brazilian Air Force) T-27s to be upgraded to T-27M by December 2022, while the first re-delivery is due by mid-2021.

The T-27 has been around since 16 August 1980, when its first flight was made and first of 151 deliveries to the FAB started in September 1983. Currently, the FAB Academia da Força Aérea is the sole operator of the remaining airframes that were used by FAB over the years as trainer and light counter insurgency (COIN) aircraft.


Photos: FAB/PAMA-LS Sgto Matheus Melo

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