Slovakia Ukraine aircraft donation MiG 29 0921 EHGR 19Jun14 Manolito Jaarsma 640First Slovakian MiG-29s departed to Ukraine

Just a week ago the Slovakian government approved a plan to donate thirteen MiG-29s to Ukraine. One week later, on 23 March 2023, the first four have already departed. The aircraft were flown to their new owner.

According to a video posted on Twitter, the aircraft that departed Sliac air base were 0921, 2123, 6124 and 6627. The fighters did not carry any markings apart from their serial numbers.

It is not known yet when the other six airworthy aircraft will leave Slovakia, but that might be very soon. It is assumed that the three non-airworthy aircraft will be transported by road.

UPDATE 17 April 2023: remaining nine MiG-29s have been transported by road to Ukraine.

If you have more details on all aircraft involved, please let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Photo by Manolito Jaarsma (Scramble Archive)

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