First Gripen E based at Linköping/Malmen

The next milestone in the joint test programme for Sweden's Saab 39 Gripen E is that the first aircraft is now based at Linköping/Malmen (Sweden), where it will be operated by the Försvarets MaterielVerk (FMV).

In November 2020, the JAS39E, serial 396004, arrived at Malmen air base just west of Linköping. According to Saab, further testing will continue from Malmen, with personnel from both FMV and the Swedish Air Force participating in the test programme.

The test operations at Malmen will be led by Saab, but with a deeper involvement from the customer. The tests are focusing on the tactical systems and sensors, such as the Infrared Search and Track (IRST) , Electronic Warfare and radar. From the perspective of the Flygvapnet (Swedish Air Force) this means that learning in an early stage will lead to a quicker and more effective implementation of new fighter aircraft.

Photo: Saab

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