Norway RNoAF 331 skv F 35A credit Luftforsvaret 640First Air Policing mission 331 skvadron

Half January 2024, the Luftforsvaret (RNoAF, Royal Norwegian Air Force) deployed four F-35A Lightning II fighter aircraft to Keflavik air base (Iceland) for taking up the NATO's Air Policing task.

Although it is already the fourth year that RNoAF F-35As are deployed to Iceland, this is the first time that 331 skvadron leads the mission after they were reactivated on Ørland Hovedflystasjoner (Main Air Station). The detachement consists of personnel from various departments from 131 and 132 Air Wing.

The main task during the Iceland Air Policing (IAP) will be to carry out the preparedness mission Quick Reaction Alert (QRA). QRA is a 24/7 mission carried out on behalf of NATO. This is a routine mission that Norway carries out daily from Evenes air station with F-35s.

The fighter squadrons within the RNoAF do not carry individual squadron markings. The aircraft are operated from a pool and the two F-35 squadrons are controlled by the 132 Luftving (132 Air Wing) at Ørland. The aircraft are adorned with the well-known design of the triangular arrow, a toned-down version of the Norwegian flag. One would hope they will receive indivudual unit markings in the future.

The FMA (Forsvarsmateriell, Norwegian Defence Materiel Organisation) is responsible for Defence Materiel.

Credit photo: Luftforsvaret

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