Final days for Belgian Air Force Embraer fleet

In December 2019, Regourd Aviation became the new owner of the four Belgian Air Component (BAF, Belgian Air Force) Embraer ERJ135 and ERJ145 VIP transport aircraft.

The airliner will use the Embraers for regional flights over Europe and parts of Africa. Regourd Aviation already operates a few Embraer ERJ135s and ERJ145s, so buying additional aircraft of the same type will save costs in the training and maintenance area.

On 18 November 2020, the first Belgian Air Force Embraer was handed to the new owner. The transfer of a second aircraft is scheduled for December 2020 and the last two ERJs will be handed over by the end of December 2020. Two aircraft will perform their last flight in Belgian Air Force service on 23 December 2020.

To fill the VIP gap the air force has dry-leased two Falcon 7X aircraft, which have been delivered in April and August 2020. The Falcons, operated by 21 Squadron (Flight Liaison & Long Haul) at Brussels/Melsbroek, are registered OO-FAE and OO-LUM.

The dry-lease agreement with Luxaviation/Abelag Aviation, a contract worth €124 million, will guarantee the two Falcon 7Xs during a period of 12 years.

Photo: Karl Dittlbacher, kindly provided by

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