Bahrain Royal Flight RJ70 Shaun Psaila 640Delivery Bahrain Amiri Royal Flight RJ70

On 27 August 2021, Bahrain Amiri Royal Flight British Aerospace BAE146-RJ70 registered A9C-BRF (construction number E1267) mada a technical stop at Malta/Luqa whilst on delivery to Bahrain. It came fresh out of the paintshop at Norwich (UK).

Before becoming a new asset to the Royal Flight, this RJ70 was operated by Air Malta from March 1995 until March 1998. In 2007 the aircraft was also operated by the Government of Abu Dhabi - Amiri Flight as A6-LIW. It flew as such until August 2015 after which it was sold to Formula 1 - Flight Operations as M-STRY who operated the aircraft until July 2018.

Next to the delivered RJ70, the Royal Flight operates two BAE146-RJ85s (registrations A9C-BDF and A9C-HWR) and one BAE146-RJ100 (registration A9C-AWL), all in VIP configuration. The aircraft are based at Shaikh Isa Air Base.

For detailed information on the previous identities of the aircraft please have a look at the Scramble Magazine database.

Photo by Shaun Psaila/MAR

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