genomen van de overkant van het water vanaf ons balkon in het plaatsje Mastrinka. Spotten in welke vorm dan ook (zelfs kijken) bij de basis zelf is namelijk verboden.Croatian Mi-8 helicopters to Ukraine

Croatia will send fourteen Mi-8 transport helicopters to Ukraine. According to reported information, the Hrvatsko Ratno Zrakoplovsto (Croatian Air Force) has already started to remove the markings of the helicopters involved.

The Mi-8s will be made ready for transport at the Zrakoplovno-Tehnicki Centar (ZTC, Aeronautical Technical Centre) in Velika Gorica, next to Zagreb/Franjo Tudjman airport.

Two helicopters, Mi-8MTV-1 serials 201 and 202, were noted outside the facility, while others were reported inside the hangars. Due to the amount of available space at the technical centre, the remaining helicopters are reported as stored at Zagreb/Franjo Tudjman and Zagreb/Lučko.

In the coming two weeks, all helicopters will be transported to Poland, with half of them to be transported by road or by transport aircraft. The other half will fly to its destination, from where they will continue to Ukraine.

According to the Scramble military database, the following Mi-8s are earmarked to go to Ukraine:

Mi-8PS: 276 (c/n 10662)
Mi-8T: 274 (c/n 99254291) and 275 (c/n 99254272)
Mi-8MTV-1: 201 (c/n 95969), 202 (c/n 95968), 204 (c/n 95837), 206 (c/n 95666), 210 (c/n 95664), 211 (c/n 96053), 212 (c/n 96054), 213 (c/n 96055), 251 (c/n 95987) and 254 (c/n 95876)
Mi-8MTV-1VA: 215 (c/n 96212)

Photo by Cor-Niels Paans (Scramble Archive)

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